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The payment data – whether it’s from a chip reader or a digital wallet – is encrypted, and it isn’t decrypted until it reaches the bank, which makes it just as safe as chip card payments, he says. Clover automatically accepts any type of transaction, so whether the customer chooses to tap, chip or swipe, the customer has full control of the payment process. The new terminals accepted not only chip cards, but mobile wallet payments too. John Cannarelli, owner of Bay Gardens, set up Shopify in November of 2017, which allowed for a seamless transition to mobile payments when COVID hit. Cannarelli heard about Shopify from his cousin, so he set to work and put a lot of time into developing it and adding products to their inventory. The package said to mix it 2 parts plaster to 1 part water, so I made two ziploc baggies with 1 cup plaster each, and then put 1 cup of water in a water bottle.

The last thing you want is for your wedding invite to get put down on a coffee table. Think how gorgeous this would be for a garden wedding. If you want to capture more add-on sales at the register, it might be time to think about offering some plant-branded merch around the store. You measure out a cup of 90-degree water and mix it with the Step 1. This is essentially a variant of the plaster mold, and if you want to create a more detailed slump mold that you can use, this is the way to go. It can be made with regular white flour, salt, and water. Regular price. The wax in the plaster mold will melt. How long does plaster mold take to dry? So Angelo would take the material. When he and his brother Domenico bought a location in Oakwood Village for their landscape business in 1969, passers-by started asking if they could buy the plant material the brothers would set out for their landscape jobs. All it took was the flip of an activator and they were set.

Back in the ‘80s, Angelo bought all of his plant material, and would have to order the year before and collect his plant material by April 15. “So every year when it came to April 15, you either took it or you lost it,” he says, noting that inventory in the ‘80s was extremely tight, just like it is now. McMillian looks at it this way: If customers always have their phones on them, blending the convenience and security of the digital wallet will only ensure continued customer satisfaction. McMillian believes the millennial generation is driving the push toward digital wallets, so businesses must consider the expectations of this demographic. And that’s when Petitti really started to push the envelope on the Northeast Ohio growing season. That’s what customers were trained to do. Since they can work out of a live inventory, he says it provides customers with more transparency to the availability of their products, something shoppers nowadays have come to expect. In fact, buying wedding invitations should be something you enjoy purchasing and that won’t break the bank and mean you have to be thrifty elsewhere.

“We didn’t have quite the array of varieties and all of the basket and container world was kind of minimum compared to what it is today. “They’re going to the site and you can kind of see when we’ve got sales or promos, if there’s a spike in a different category,” AJ says. “That was kind of the culture. “We could grow so much and we really had to figure out how to market this product, so every year we would come up with different ideas,” he says. One year later, the company had its own plant material to sell out of the renovated Oakwood headquarters. Going all-in on the greenhouse investment, Angelo built brand new greenhouses at the Oakwood location in 1993, and just two years later, he was out of growing space in the 5-acre site. Around the same time, Angelo was working as a busboy at a high-end nightclub and one of the waitresses there became his salesperson as he did some landscaping jobs for customers. Angelo may come from a family of farmers but he didn’t get his first landscaping experience until he came to the U.S. In 1989, wax and seal Angelo started working on the nursery side of the horticulture world.

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