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Clarke was in one of three cars that drove into the lane that afternoon. In the US, 576,595 vehicles are affected by one of three recalls, while the fourth is exclusive to Canadian cars. It tingles when held, and while you’ve got it with you you skip any rolls on the Weird Shit table. C: A stripper pole’s been screwed into the table here, and faint green holograms of dollar bills float around it. On the TV facing the table an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is on, though visual distortions like cigarette burns cover the faces of the people on it. The fish are attracted to active electrical outputs and life (in that order) and attack like a swarm of piranhas. 2. Metal on the yacht resonates, emanating Mariah Carey music as if sung by a swarm of cicadas. I’m not sure though, not a yacht expert. J: Captain’s room (I think, again, not a yacht expert). The bath in the room is steaming, and at its bottom is a misshapen, iridescent chunk of metal.

If any metal surface on your boat makes contact with a metal surface on the Lady Susan, everything electronic on it stops working. Electricity visibly snakes across metal surfaces. E: Windows broken, fish flopping around on floor, crackling with electricity. 4. Pale green phantoms flash into existence around you for scant moments, men in suits and women in cocktail dresses, all partying hard as only people on a yacht can. Video devices display a woman sprawled in a hot tub, with a green tint and heavy static. 1. Frizzling static build-up. In addition, one can find pictures of wax seal stamps in wax seal stamps selling stores online. His labor would probably cost you a 100.00 to 150.00.00 service call and his labor would probably cost you a 100.00 to 150.00. I know all of this because I have replaced 3 wax seals. Not particularly quick or graceful, but have zombie-like tenacity. In total, adhesive wax seals 13,564 cars may have corroding battery junction boxes in certain provinces. If you are using another car, you must first make sure that both cars are parked in an orientation that allows the jumper cables to reach from one battery to the other. They’re the second-best-selling jumper cables on the site, and ranked as “Amazon’s Choice” in the Automotive Battery Jumper Cables category.

These 4-gauge cables come with a carrying bag and a 10-year warranty, meaning that they’ll supply your car with the power it needs for a good long while. David Carnoy/CNET The reviews for the ZenPod fidget spinner case may be a little mixed on Amazon, but I’ve always liked it and while it doesn’t spin as fast or smoothly as a quality fidget spinner, it does spin reasonably well and gives you something to do with your AirPods Pro while they’re sitting around. The ZenPod Pro comes in black or tan colors. CharJenPro also sells its AirFoams Pro Form Fit eartips ($20) that have a slightly more convex shape than the original AirFoams Pro ($12). Now Native Union is bringing the whole iSock concept back with its AirPods Beanies, which any AirPods (except the AirPods Max) will fit into. If three rooms get hit, the whole yacht starts sinking. 5. An abnormal wave strikes the yacht. There are several methods you can use to correct floor stains and discoloration, self adhesive wax seals from applying a tinted sealer to changing the color entirely with a new coat of concrete stain or dye.

Do not use muriatic acid to clean concrete if you are planning on staining the concrete in the future. Concrete floors are relatively easy to clean when compared with other types of flooring, especially carpet, but they do require regular attention. Follow the same regimen for stained floors in commercial settings; however, more frequent application of protective wax is needed due to the increased foot traffic. Outgoing calls are replaced with the same. Breaking the scene’s “script” does the same without any damage. Striking either phantom makes you take 1d4 damage from electrical shock and disperses both. If you intrude on the bathroom, after a few moments you must save or take the place of whichever phantom you most resemble at that time. Be patient: Swirls may show up quickly, but it can take time to buff them out. You can use the wax to seal cracks in glass bottles, by applying the wax to the surface of the bottle and allowing it to dry. While you’re drunk on it, you can spit on any non-magical fire or other source of light to extinguish it instantly.

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